January CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Asher RichieMaison Felkins Signs With The Skyhawks!LuRong…Was Really Right!CrossFit Talon Talks, Podcast on iTunes
January CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Asher Richie
Maison Felkins Signs With The Skyhawks!
LuRong…Was Really Right!
CrossFit Talon Talks, Podcast on iTunes

Practical Paleo Recipes!


Didn’t make it to the Practical Paleo Seminar?  Have no fear, a PDF of the easy recipes is HERE.

Apple Spice Donuts


We have always enjoyed the donuts at the Franklin Farmer’s Market. The old fashioned ones, hot out of the grease. But since we stopped eating gluten and began eating paleo, they still taste good, but they don’t sit very well on anyone’s stomach in our family. I came across a recipe recently for Apple Cider Donuts, they were close but not exactly what I was  [more …]

Living LuRong by Lezlae Grubb


We are into week 3 of the LuRong Paleo Challenge, finishing up the first set of benchmark workouts and our first weekly workout.    LuRong is all about progress and change.  It is not so much a competition for most of us, as much as it is a motivator to combine diet and exercise in a synergistic way.  What we eat really does affect how we  [more …]

January CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Asher Richie


When Asher Richie got the freedom of a driver’s license six months ago, he chose to use that freedom to become more dedicated to his training in Talon’s Youth Performance program. “After watching Will (Moorad) make it to Regionals and then The CrossFit Games, I wanted to make an impact on younger kids who want get better and stronger,” Asher says.

Maison Felkins Signs With The Skyhawks!


Talon Performance Athlete, Maison Felkins, signs with the UT Martin Skyhawks for Golf.

LuRong…Was Really Right!


As a group we lost 83 inches (that is just among the 10 respondents)! That’s an average of 8.3 inches per person! The high from the group of respondents was 17 inches and the low was 3.75. No matter how you look at it, that is a lot of inches! Almost everyone improved their scores on the workouts as well. Jay Clark and Cy Fenton even won prizes for their performances on one of the weekly WODs!



I have seen amazing things happen here at CrossFit Talon since implementing our gymnastics programming a few months ago. Not only are our members getting better and better at the gymnastics movements, but our positioning in the lifts, bracing for pull-ups, and overall capability for CrossFit has improved immensely. All of the movements programmed are designed to give us an all around, ever-improving, level of fitness (eh hem, the whole definition of CrossFit.)


Paleo Seminars & Challenge

Practical paleo

New Year, New YOU! Right? At least that is what they say…and we all know as a member of Talon, you come in and work your tail off with each WOD Dennis throws at ya! But…you have heard your coaches say over and over again…”You can’t out-train a bad diet.” (Although I know that doesn’t stop some of you from trying;) So, we are providing you with the opportunity to learn, apply, and implement the paleo lifestyle. Whether you are new to the box and the idea of paleo, or you just need a refresher, please join us at the following events:


Talon December Newsletter

Josie Santa

Working Out During The Holidays The holidays can be a wonderful time of year with parties, friends and family. It can also be a stressful time of year full of running around, buying gifts, decorating, and overeating. Making your exercise routine a priority will help relieve some of that stress as well as keep those extra cookies from settling in at your waist line. If  [more …]