The Third Man in the Central EastJuly CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month:  Matt RuckerCrossFit Talon Coaches Garner Regional and National Success
The Third Man in the Central East
July CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Matt Rucker
CrossFit Talon Coaches Garner Regional and National Success

Talon Talks Tara’s Pantry


As promised from the “What’s in Tara’s Pantry” segment on our Talon Talks podcast…

With the large amount of traveling we have done in the last two weeks…once to Cincinnati for the Central East Regionals where our very own coach Will Moorad took 3rd place, earning himself a trip to the CrossFit Games this summer, and once to Seacrest Beach, Florida…where Will tied the knot, people were wanting to know an answer to a question we get a lot:

“How do you keep to the Paleo lifestyle when you travel?”

Easy Paleo Seminar


We are hosting an Easy Paleo seminar on Saturday February 22nd from 2-4 pm at the home of one of our morning members, Janet Carmichael

Paleo Tortilla Soup – Recipe by Karen Daniel


This cold weather is perfect for soup! Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of our favorites so I found this paleo version of it and had to try. It was perfect and along with a salad made a great dinner. I increased the chicken to 3 cups to help make it substantial. Do not leave out the avocado and a little crisp bacon on top wouldn’t hurt either!

The Third Man in the Central East

Photo By The CrossFit Games

The Third Man in the Central East By: Brittney Saline This article first appeared on on 6/21/2014   Will Moorad planned on getting married May 17. But when he qualified for the Central East Regional, he and his fiancée decided to change the date. “I knew Will had a good chance of doing really well, and I wanted to give him the opportunity to  [more ...]

July CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Matt Rucker


“I’ve lost 50lbs on the scale (330lbs to 280lbs). I’ve lost 6 inches around my waist (44in to 38in). My back squat has gone from 95lbs to 365lbs. My front squat has gone from non-existent (I didn’t have the flexibility to get into a front-rack position) to 280lbs. My overhead press has gone from 100lbs to 200lbs. My entire body is transforming. Every day there’s some sort of PR – hitting consistent 1:45-55/500m on the rower, actually doing 24’’ box jumps in WODs, going from knees-to-chest to toes-to-bar in WODs, going from ring-rows to jumping pull-ups to now banded pull-ups (I can even do one kipping now), doing a handstand pushup – I could do NONE of this when I started CrossFit.”

CrossFit Talon Coaches Garner Regional and National Success


CrossFit Talon has made a name for itself this competition season, as three of our coaches have moved up the ranks in not only CrossFit, but with USA Weightlifting and the newly developed National Pro Fitness League.

Fundraiser Competition – All levels welcome!


Saturday, June 28th @ 9am. (We are thinking we should be done early afternoon…I will be able to send out a more detailed schedule once I know how many teams we have registered.) THIS COMPETITION IS FOR EVERYONE!!!! KIDS INCLUDED! If you are one that thinks you could never compete, well then this is the one for you! Think of it as an extended Saturday, with  [more ...]


Beating The WOD Life Programmed For Me – By Karen Daniel


Currently still recovering, getting stronger everyday! Sucks. Big time. No Lie. Definitely did not pick out this WOD. Had my share of tears, but then again some of you have cried over Fran and Murph! But you know what? You move on. I knew that this is what I had to do to be proactive in my health and life.


June CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Ryan Russell


When asked how he felt after his first week of CrossFit, Ryan said, “I was looking forward to coming back. I always look forward to coming to Talon.” Ryan had never really exercised before jumping head first into CrossFit. The last time he had run a mile was over eight years ago, and just this past Memorial Day, Ryan ran 2 miles during “Murph.”