3rd Annual Easter ThrowdownApril CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month:  Christy PhippsTalon Hosts CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer CourseTalon Hosts CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer Course
3rd Annual Easter Throwdown
April CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Christy Phipps
Talon Hosts CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course
Talon Hosts CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer Course

Easy Paleo Seminar


We are hosting an Easy Paleo seminar on Saturday February 22nd from 2-4 pm at the home of one of our morning members, Janet Carmichael

Paleo Tortilla Soup – Recipe by Karen Daniel


This cold weather is perfect for soup! Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of our favorites so I found this paleo version of it and had to try. It was perfect and along with a salad made a great dinner. I increased the chicken to 3 cups to help make it substantial. Do not leave out the avocado and a little crisp bacon on top wouldn’t hurt either!

Paleo U – By Karen Daniel


College is a crazy time. You are stressed out of your mind at different points, but you are also happy and more excited about life than you’ve ever been. The friends you are making will more than likely be lifelong friends. For the most part you are short on time, sleep and money. You are on your own. Your beliefs are being shaped. You are figuring out who you are. Kinda like a trial run for real life. So, I figure that if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle for the majority of your college years then you have more going for you than 99% of those you are going to school with! (And a huge step forward on life).

3rd Annual Easter Throwdown


Time is running out to register for the third annual Talon Easter Throwdown! If you would like to be a part of the throwdown that started it all, click HERE to register or volunteer.

April CrossFit Talon Athlete Of The Month: Christy Phipps


“Two weeks ago, I had an epiphany,” she says, “there is so much I can’t do, but I came up with a list of things I can do, like deadlifts and power cleans, and actually wrote them down for me to focus on. I’m not going to worry about what my knees prevent me from doing anymore!”

Talon Hosts CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course


July 12th and 13th, CrossFit Talon will host a CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course.

Volunteering For The Talon Throwdown Series – By Marsha Raimi


I love to judge Crossfit competitions, and especially Talon’s Easter Throwdown. It’s fun and exciting to see so many athletes in our box, giving their all


CrossFit Games Open 14.5 and Final Recap


The spirit of the CrossFit Games Open is alive and well at CrossFit Talon. Congratulations to everyone who competed this year, and we invite everyone to participate next year. You never know what a competition like this will push you to accomplish – you might even win one of our coveted awards!


CrossFit Games Open 14.4 Recap


These victories are worth celebrating, even if we won’t be crowned the fittest on Earth, because each one carries us closer to being the fittest personally possible.