Maison Felkins Signs With The Skyhawks!CrossFit Talon December Athlete Of The Month:  Sarah BanksLuRong…Was Really Right!CrossFit Talon Talks, Podcast on iTunes
Maison Felkins Signs With The Skyhawks!
CrossFit Talon December Athlete Of The Month: Sarah Banks
LuRong…Was Really Right!
CrossFit Talon Talks, Podcast on iTunes

Living LuRong by Lezlae Grubb


We are into week 3 of the LuRong Paleo Challenge, finishing up the first set of benchmark workouts and our first weekly workout.    LuRong is all about progress and change.  It is not so much a competition for most of us, as much as it is a motivator to combine diet and exercise in a synergistic way.  What we eat really does affect how we  [more …]

Paleo Sloppy Joes – Talon Talks


From the Tara’s Pantry segment on Talon Talks, (that is our podcast;)…here is what Tara’s kitchen will be cooking up this weekend:

This recipe is a mix of two I found from Paleo Comfort Foods and Paleo Newbie. I chose to combine recipes in order to get some more veggies in, as I am always trying to do. This is a fairly easy recipe, because you can just chop, throw in a pot, and simmer. You can also make a ton of it! This recipe calls for 2 pounds of grass-fed beef….I will be doubling it when I make it this week. I will also be baking a bunch of sweet potatoes and use this to top them because this makes the perfect post-WOD snack, as it is a good source of protein and complex carbohydrate.

Paleo Sloppy Joes

Talon Talks Tara’s Pantry


As promised from the “What’s in Tara’s Pantry” segment on our Talon Talks podcast…

With the large amount of traveling we have done in the last two weeks…once to Cincinnati for the Central East Regionals where our very own coach Will Moorad took 3rd place, earning himself a trip to the CrossFit Games this summer, and once to Seacrest Beach, Florida…where Will tied the knot, people were wanting to know an answer to a question we get a lot:

“How do you keep to the Paleo lifestyle when you travel?”

Maison Felkins Signs With The Skyhawks!


Talon Performance Athlete, Maison Felkins, signs with the UT Martin Skyhawks for Golf.

CrossFit Talon December Athlete Of The Month: Sarah Banks


“Crossfit has been great for me in a variety of ways. Physically I am much stronger than I have ever been, even when I look back to when I was playing soccer in college and working out all the time, I never had the strength I do today. I’ve lost weight (and inches) which is always a plus. Mentally, Crossfit also helps me to stay happy by getting all of my stir-craziness out and giving me a competitive environment to work in”

LuRong…Was Really Right!


As a group we lost 83 inches (that is just among the 10 respondents)! That’s an average of 8.3 inches per person! The high from the group of respondents was 17 inches and the low was 3.75. No matter how you look at it, that is a lot of inches! Almost everyone improved their scores on the workouts as well. Jay Clark and Cy Fenton even won prizes for their performances on one of the weekly WODs!

Talon December Newsletter

Josie Santa

Working Out During The Holidays The holidays can be a wonderful time of year with parties, friends and family. It can also be a stressful time of year full of running around, buying gifts, decorating, and overeating. Making your exercise routine a priority will help relieve some of that stress as well as keep those extra cookies from settling in at your waist line. If  [more …]


Cheatham’s Paleo Thanksgiving!



I have had a bunch of members ask what OUR Thanksgiving dinner will look like this year, and I find it funny that some are surprised when I say 100% Paleo again…for the 4th year in a row. And it will be DELICIOUS, and easier than people probably think. (No bacon-wrapped turkey though;) As I mentioned on Talon Talks Podcast today (TALON TALKS), once you truly convert your pantry to 100% Paleo, you would be surprised to find out how simple cooking becomes.


2014 Talon Winter Apparel

JA8885 - oatmeal read

Colder weather is here, and you know those 400m runs are not going away. Therefor…here are this season’s apparel options so when people are wondering who in the world the nut-jobs running outside in the cold are, they can all identify you as TALON’s NUT-JOBS! :)